A Delightful Way To Save Money

The Website You Should Have Started Using Dollars Ago

Before I make most purchases, whether it be online or in store, I check one of my favorite apps to see if I can save any money at all. Sometimes the savings is only a mere $2, sometimes it’s a bigger deal of $10 or more; but as a college student who is constantly checking her bank accounts, any amount of money saved makes me feel like I achieved something. And the way I think of it, a little bit of money saved here and there can really add up in the end. So what is this “different and delightful” (and free!) app that you should be taking advantage of if you are not already? RetailMeNot.

In short, RetailMeNot is a website and smartphone app that houses “500,000+ coupons from 50,000 stores”, according to retailmenot.com. The homepage of the website shows popular retailers and related coupons and allows you to browse by category or store name. Once you pick a store, it shows you any sales that are happening (no coupon necessary) and also has coupon codes to use for online shopping or printable coupons to use in store. In addition, it offers free shipping coupons for many online retailers.

I’ve used RetailMeNot countless times while shopping online or in stores and I’ve recommended it to many friends and family members who go on to tell their friends and family members, etc. Recently, I saved $5 at Target, $3.50 at Ulta (a beauty superstore) and 15% at Kohl’s, to name a few. Last year while planning a vacation with my family, I found deals on car rentals which ended up saving us an average of $15/day.

There are several features of this website and its corresponding app that make it both different and delightful and I’m here to tell you about some of the reasons why RetailMeNot has become my go-to app while shopping:

  1. Mobility: The website is great if you are making online purchases or are planning your shopping trips ahead of time and can print out coupons to use in store. But sometimes you find yourself in a store you didn’t plan on visiting and that’s when the app is useful. Simply pull out your phone, look up the store you’re in and in seconds you have a barcode coupon that the cashier can scan right from your phone. The mobile coupon is also useful when you just have no more room in your wallet for printed coupons,
  2. Favorites/Saved Coupons: You can “favorite” stores that you frequently visit meaning that instead of typing in the store name, you can go to your “Favorites”, click on the store name from the list, and see related coupons. The “Saved” feature lets you save coupons to use in the future. Like the Favorites page, the Saved page shows your coupons in a convenient list. And since there is a website and app, you can save coupons or favorite stores on your laptop and then view the lists on your smartphone.
  3. Nearby: The “nearby” feature (found on the app) shows you deals for stores that are near your current location. It’s great for telling you stores that are around you, especially if you do not know the area well; but it’s not too great if you’re one of those people who does not like smartphones and apps knowing where you are at all times.
  4. Variety: As mentioned, there are more than 500,000 coupons from 50,000 stores! Let’s just say I’ve been surprised with the variety of store coupons listed on RetailMeNot, most of which I will never have use for. They are certainly not limited in their scope of retailers, and it is helpful that they have a plethora of different categories you can browse from.
  5. No log-in necessary: Probably my most favorite feature. You do not have to have a RetailMeNot account to use the website or app. I rejoice in this feature because I cannot bear to have another username/password combination to remember. However, it does help somewhat to have an account to take advantage of the “Favorites” and “Saved” pages which can only be synced across devices with an account.

The next time you are making any sort of purchase, do yourself a favor and take the time (usually less than a minute) to visit RetailMeNot. You’ll feel great if you end up saving a few bucks—not to mention how nice it will be to avoid clipping coupons out of the penny savers.

RetailMeNot has also been listed as one of Time Magazine’s “50 Best Websites 2014”.



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