10 Rules That Every Organization Should Follow

Becoming successful is difficult, but sustaining that success over a long time can be even more arduous. The ten rules outlined below provide a framework for achieving success, no matter how large or small the company.

  1. Connect: Use the social media sites that your customers are on. This can be one of the most successful ways to reach a market if done effectively.
  2. Collaborate: Don’t just speak at your customers, but speak with them. Communication should be two-way; insight from customers can be a very useful tool.
  3. Have a personality: Develop a personality that your customers can relate to. Have a human voice and be authentic.
  4. Take care of your customers: Integrate customer service into the business culture. Listen to them and treat them like they are important.
  5. Take care of your employees: Keep your employees happy. Invest time into showing them you care and they will reciprocate.
  6. Offer incentives: Give your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors.
  7. Adapt: Having a position is always good, but it should not be too rigid. Be open and willing to adapt to customers’ changing needs.
  8. Look for opportunities: Companies should be continuously seeking for ways to improve or innovate. Don’t let your competitors take advantage of your missed opportunities.
  9. Be transparent: Manage your reputation by being open to your customers. It takes years to build trust and a good reputation, but only seconds to break them.
  10. Pay attention: Be aware of what your customers, employees, and competitors are doing. Know your industry and watch for new trends. It’s also important to realize when trends change or become outdated—don’t reinvent the wheel.

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